About Us

Jim Schaub is the President and Chief Visionary for JMS Studios.

In his work life, he can be described as:

• Internet Marketer
• Lifestyle Creator
• Problem Solver
• Speaker

He has a passionate interest in the way things work, which is how he got started in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web Development. As a designer, he wanted to give his clients the maximum opportunity to succeed, so he dove head-first into learning about the constantly evolving world of online marketing.

He specializes in fine-tuning websites and creating social media platforms that are robust enough to drive traffic and create business.

In his spare time, Jim likes to DJ and surf – when he can find the time.


We believe you can’t separate form and function. Any type of medium requires a look that stops visitors from clicking on to the next website, Tweet, blog – whatever.

However, functionality is also a critical element of the work we do. If it doesn’t generate interest and action, we can’t really call it great work – and we work so that everything we do can be defined as GREAT WORK!

Whatever your online needs, we can help – whether it’s advice or a full campaign, you can count on us to make your presence – GREAT!